Julia A. Seymour

Julia A. Seymour

Director of Communications

Julia A. Seymour has a passion for communications and storytelling and is excited to lead those growing efforts at Mountain States. She enjoys all aspects of the work from writing and editing, to strategy and planning. Julia is also an avid photographer. 

Originally from upstate New York, Julia studied journalism and pursued a communications career in Washington, D.C., working most recently as an Assistant Managing Editor and a freelance news reporter. Looking for a change and captivated by the beauty of the West she moved to Denver in 2019.  

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A Quiet Hero: Remembering Freedom’s Advocate H.A. ‘Dave’ True, Jr.

In the lobby of True Companies in Casper, Wyoming hangs a plaque: The Code of the West. The 10 principles listed include courage, fairness and keeping your word. Those are all values True Companies’ founder “Dave” True, Jr., 1915-1994, lived out. The legendary Wyoming wildcatter is also known to many as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He’s known to Mountain States Legal Foundation as a hero and former Chairman of the Board.

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Today a Second Amendment victory was secured for citizens who enjoy recreation on Army Corps of Engineers-managed lands in Idaho. The federal agency chose not to reinstate its earlier appeal of a ruling which blocks enforcement of its firearms ban in that state.   It is an unequivocal win for the Second Amendment and U.S. citizens.   “The government’s decision not to reopen its…