The Grizzly Wars

MSLF attorney Cody Wisniewski is quoted today in the Capital Press on the escalating battle between extreme environmental activists and Fish & Wildlife administrators.

An environmental group has filed notice it will sue the Trump administration if it does not draft a comprehensive grizzly bear recovery plan encompassing much of the West…

“It really is unfortunate because ranchers, associations and the states worked for years to restore the bears in the Yellowstone Ecosystem. That was done. It was a success story and delisting was warranted,” Wisniewski said.

Ranchers have to live with the grizzly bears slaughtering sheep and cattle, he said.

A Thoman ranch hand had to be airlifted to a hospital after a grizzly mauled him. He investigated a noise near a flock of sheep several years ago and was attacked, Wisniewski said.

“Grizzlies take out whole flocks of sheep and leave them dead…”

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