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Mountain States Legal Foundation is a non-profit, public interest law firm, focused on defending the constitution, protecting property rights, and advancing economic liberty. From our headquarters in Colorado we litigate crucial cases in the mountain west and beyond—at zero cost to our clients—all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Everywhere you look today, our liberty is under attack. Whether it’s big government agencies, well-funded liberal special interest groups, or unaccountable bureaucrats, the enemies of liberty never stop looking for ways to increase their power over the lives of private citizens. 

You may be shocked to learn that the government now owns 47 percent of the land in the American west. In addition, there are countless regulations controlling citizens’ lives, including where and when they can hunt or fish, run their farms, ranches, and businesses—even limiting how private citizens can use their own land.

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Since 1977, MSLF has fought to protect private property rights, individual liberties, and economic freedom. MSLF is a nonprofit public interest legal foundation. We represent clients pro bono and receive no government funding. Make your 100% tax deductible contribution today and join the fight.

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Our brave clients, and their just lawsuits, establish legal precedents to benefit all who love freedom. Here are just a few of our clients: 

• Andrew Brigida whose dreams of being an air traffic controller were dashed by the Obama administration’s decision to hire based on race;

• Pastor Victor Fuentes who fled Castro’s Cuba only to encounter lawless federal bureaucrats who seized his private property as their playground;

• Jon Caldara, pillar of the Boulder, Colorado community whose self-defense firearms were unconstitutionally declared illegal by the city;

• Residents of rural Utah who watched their children flee home because of the illegal and job-killing decrees issued by Clinton and Obama, and;

• Sidney Longwell whose property was snatched illicitly by Obama’s crew; the judge just ruled for us, but radical environmental groups will appeal.

You have heard of our clients on Fox News, in The Wall Street JournalUSA Today and elsewhere. While that is gratifying, it will not help fight government agencies, their hundreds of lawyers, and their big city law firms. For that we rely on the generous support of thousands of freedom loving Americans like you. 

Our vision of America is that of a shining city on a hill, where opportunity and liberty go on without end.

Freedom is our common inheritance, passed down to us from the Founding Fathers. As defenders of the Constitution, it is our purpose to do all we can to preserve that freedom from generation to generation.

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