MSLF Sues New Mexico Governor Over Coronavirus Closure of Gun Stores

Even in an emergency, states cannot disregard the Constitution. 

That’s why individuals, gun owner’s organizations, and gun retailers joined forces in a lawsuit challenging New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s unconstitutional gun store closures. The joint lawsuit was filed April 10, with a coalition of Second Amendment groups. 

Mountain States Legal Foundation is seeking a preliminary injunction against enforcement of the order against licensed firearm retailers, repair shops, and gun ranges to vindicate the gun rights of New Mexicans.

Although many states amended coronavirus-related closure orders after the Department of Homeland Security issued guidance classifying firearms retailers and repair shops as “essential” businesses, New Mexico has not. 

In fact, Gov. Grisham’s extended her original shut down order without exempting firearms retailers. The state continues to unlawfully infringe upon Robert Aragon, Zachary Fort, Anthony Segura, and all New Mexico residents’ Second Amendment protected rights. Additional plaintiffs in MSLF’s lawsuit include Rose’s Guns & More, Southwest Gunsmith Technologies and its owner Rick Keller, the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, the National Rifle Association, Second Amendment Foundation, and Firearms Policy Coalition. 

Our clients include:

Robert Aragon is a lifelong public servant and former state representative. Robert cannot purchase a handgun to use to defend himself, his family, or his home because of the governor’s order.

Zachary Fort, a concealed handgun license holder, who not only cannot lawfully purchase a handgun right now. He also can’t renew his handgun license that expires this month because New Mexico’s licensing requirements include a live shooting component. With all the ranges closed by the governor’s order, it is impossible for Zachary to renew the license.

Anthony Segura is a state-licensed firearms instructor. The shutdown order prevents him from teaching the classes New Mexico requires to obtain and renew certain gun licenses. He had to cancel a class in March and will have to cancel two in April, unless something changes.

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