MSLF Takes Colorado Gun Case to the U.S. Supreme Court

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Mountain States Legal Foundation has formally petitioned the United States Supreme Court to overturn the Tenth Circuit’s decision to deny a federal hearing in the gun owners’ rights case Caldara v. Boulder. MSLF is asking the high court to allow our clients their day in federal court.

Residents of Boulder face heavy fines and jail time for the mere possession of firearms that are legal elsewhere throughout Colorado and the United States. The city imposed a sweeping ban of the most popular and widely owned firearms and ammunition magazines in America.

In an act of blatant disregard for the Constitution, the city council also raised the minimum age for firearm possession within Boulder city limits to 21.

Plaintiffs in the case, who include Boulder resident Jon Caldara, have yet to get a hearing in court.

MSLF’s action before the Supreme Court is intended to end the logjam and force the wheels of justice to begin rolling forward.

The City of Boulder illegally raised the minimum age for firearms ownership to 21.

“Our clients have been waiting for over two years simply to have their day in Court,” said MSLF Attorney Cody J. Wisniewski, upon filing the petition. “The rights involved in this case, namely Boulder residents’ natural right to self-defense, are too important for a federal court to stay its hand.”

“We believe this case presents the Supreme Court with the perfect opportunity to recognize the importance of the Second Amendment, and other natural rights, and to ensure no other litigant is forced to wait to vindicate their rights in a federal court,” Wisniewski added. “Those rights cannot be violated by a city or state without allowing for federal court intervention.”

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