The Supreme Merit of Amy Coney Barrett

News Flash: Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Amy Coney Barrett, is a woman. And a mother of seven. And a Catholic.

But none of those things are what really matters. Just like you, at MSLF, we would never interview a job applicant based on the factors above. While nothing should be ignored when vetting someone for a position this important, here at Mountain States, we abhor identity politics. We still believe that merit is the most important factor in hiring decisions.

Amy Coney Barrett has spent her professional life demonstrating her merit. She graduated first in her class at Notre Dame law school, where she later taught. After law school, she clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia. Professor Robert P. George of Princeton University, one of our nation’s leading conservative intellectuals, praised Barrett with these words: “On character, temperament, and intellect she is the top of the top—of any group.”

But what excites us the most is that she has a demonstrated record as a constitutional jurist. She interprets the text but only the text. She recognizes it isn’t her job to invent laws from the bench. It is her job to simply interpret the laws our elected representatives have written.

Thus, although she is a woman, and the mother of seven, and a faithful Catholic—all admirable traits—it is her record as a judge and scholar that makes her worthy of the bench. At MSLF we don’t care what your race, creed, color—or in this case, gender—is. We care that you respect the Constitution. She does. That’s why Amy Coney Barrett is where she belongs—on the Supreme Court.

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