Why Donor Privacy Must Be Protected

A case now before the Supreme Court could profoundly impact the future success or failure of the liberty movement. Although it’s not a case we are a party to, we will file a brief supporting our friends at Americans for Prosperity and we’re closely watching the case on behalf of our privacy-minded donors.

In the Obama years, you’ll recall, we saw the White House weaponize the IRS in a bid to intimidate, harass and deny right-of-center groups non-profit status. Or has that scandal been forgotten in the blur of scandals that plagued that administration? But that’s not where the progressive crusade to silence those who fight for liberty ended.

The action moved to California (and to New York, though the Empire State is not a defendant in this action), where one party rule means the party in charge can get away with murder. With no checks on a party’s power, abuses of power become much more likely. It’s an invitation to political mischief and rule-rigging — progressives are masterful rule-riggers — that benefits those in power. And that’s exactly what went down.

California’s plan was to dry-up funding for right-of-center nonprofits by forcing them to disclose their donors — donors who often want their privacy protected for reasons it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to discern. Perhaps they’re just private people. Perhaps they don’t want others knowing how much they give to the causes and charities they support. Perhaps they fear that disclosure will make them, their families, or their businesses a target of the progressive’s vicious attack machine.

Put simply, Americans shouldn’t be required by the government to forfeit their privacy when they’re moved to support a favorite organization or cause.

Now the Supreme Court will rule on the legality and constitutionality of California’s attack on liberty-minded nonprofits and donors. And much is riding on how the majority will rule.

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