MSLF to Supreme Court: ‘Property Rights Must Be Respected’

MSLF attorneys recently filed a brief with the Supreme Court in defense of property rights

No business owner should be forced to allow outside union organizers onto his property during business hours. But California regulations force business owners to do exactly that.

In January, MSLF attorneys urged the United States Supreme Court to declare California’s law requiring private businesses to open their property to hostile union organizers a “taking” under the 5th and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution in the case, Cedar Point Nursery v. Hassid.

MSLF’s new U.S. Supreme Court brief is a powerful statement in defense of property rights

If the Court agrees, it will force the state of California to pay just compensation to property owners whose property rights are violated by its pro-union law.

Such state-sanctioned property rights violations help shine a light on the rot that has infected American property law since the Progressive Era.

A correct ruling in this case would negate a law that unjustly favors unions over business owners.

A correct ruling could also bolster property rights by allowing property owners to seek compensation when a law or government action compels them to open their property to uninvited and disruptive intrusions.

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