Postponed: April Discovery Briefing in Dallas

To help ensure the safety of our supporters and staff, Mountain States Legal Foundation’s Discovery Briefing originally scheduled for Tuesday April 28, 2020, in Dallas will be postponed. 

We look forward to rescheduling this informative event, and will update this page and notify people once a new date is determined.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please feel free to contact us at any time, and please take care of yourselves, neighbors, and loved ones.

The theme of the Discovery Briefing will still be: Restoring Your Constitutional Freedoms in a Time of Division: How Mountain States Legal Foundation Defends Your Rights in Court.

America seems to be losing its way. Unchecked government agencies, powerful special interest groups, and even some elected officials are working daily to undermine the principles upon which our country was founded. They take away your natural and constitutional rights in the process. Property rights, Second Amendment rights, free speech rights; all are under attack. Join us to discuss the unique challenges we face as a country and learn how MSLF is working to address them.

This exclusive gathering will be at the home of MSLF supporters in Dallas. For more information please contact or call 512-627-9831.

Property Rights Workshop, Hosted by the Idaho Republican Party

  • June 25-26
  • Boise Center on the Grove, Boise, ID

The Idaho Republican Party will host a workshop on current developments in the areas of property rights and individual liberties.  MSLF attorney Brian Gregg will describe MSLF’s pioneering work in the fields of constitutional liberties (including civil rights and the 2nd amendment), takings, and natural resource issues such as grazing, mining and endangered species litigation.  These issues are near and dear to Idahoans—and all Americans—and form the backbone of MSLF’s practice.

For more information or to register, click here.