Here’s what one MSLF supporter is doing to fight for our country—and what you can do

Belynda grew up in a small town of only 6,000 people. Her father had come of age during the Great Depression. From the day he and her mother married in 1949, they saved up and paid cash for everything—even their house. He worked hard all his life, building up a small business and achieving the American Dream.

Her father’s frugal and diligent ways made an impression on Belynda. Maybe that’s why she feels so strongly today about the importance of private property rights. When you work so hard for something, you understand that it’s worth protecting.

Belynda later ventured beyond the small town where she grew up. But she still has a small town appreciation for the simple things in life. She doesn’t splurge much.

Over the years she has donated to causes she believes in, often giving modest gifts of around $100.

Lately, however, she has become more concerned about the direction of the country. She sees it drifting away from the free market system that allowed her father to work hard and build a life for the family. She doesn’t want to see the nation she grew up in ruined by the far-left activists now intent on imposing their socialist views on the country.

That’s why she recently gave $1,000 to Mountain States Legal Foundation. It’s well above what she usually gives to charitable causes.

“I thought about it for two full months,” she says. For her, it was a way to honor her father’s legacy.

With her gift, Belynda became the newest member of MSLF’s Freedom Club, gaining exclusive benefits, including a monthly letter from our president and CEO. Freedom Club members give $1000 or more in a single calendar year, at least one of the last two years.

Belynda loves her country. She hopes that her example inspires others to be bold and give more during this pivotal time in our nation’s history.

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