Wisniewski Comments On Colorado Magazine Limits Ruling

Denver, CO — June 29, 2020 —  Mountain States Legal Foundation Attorney Cody Wisniewski  today offered the following response to the Colorado Supreme Court’s June 29 decision upholding the constitutionality of 15 round magazine capacity caps imposed in 2013.

Said Wisniewski: 

“It is deeply unfortunate, yet not unexpected, that the Colorado Supreme Court today upheld the State’s ban on standard-capacity magazines, disdainfully renamed as high-capacity in order to be considered something unordinary. Most concerning, however, is that the Colorado Supreme Court’s opinion exists in an alternate world of fact, where the Court is certain that you will never need to fire ‘more than two to three shots in self-defense,’ where a magazine ‘designed to be readily converted’ to accept more than 15 rounds means something more than the plain text says, and where simply because the government says these unconstitutional bans will solve a problem, the Court takes it as fact. While the Colorado Supreme Court has now interpreted the state constitution to allow for these types of bans, it does not mean the fight for Colorado is over—either at the state or federal level.”

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