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VIDEO: Conflicts of Interest in the Biden Administration

Have Biden’s agencies already been captured by special interests? Watch our latest web briefing, hosted by MSLF Associate General Counsel William Trachman, to find out! Guest Panelists:– Jonathan D. Brightbill, Former Acting Assistant Attorney General– Kent Holsinger, attorney, and member of the MLSF Board of Directors– Kathleen Sgamma, President of the Western Energy Alliance

MSLF Responds to the Killings in Boulder and Atlanta

MSLF and the Center to Keep and Bear Arms released the following statement today in response to the horrific and heartbreaking murders in Boulder and Atlanta. This is the only comment we’re making at this time, out of respect for an ongoing federal court case and continuing police investigations.

Biden Wants to Bring Back the Due Process Double Standard

When then-candidate Joe Biden was accused of a violent sexual assault by a former staffer, Tara Reade, he claimed that the allegation wasn’t true. When it was him being accused, Biden didn’t want the public to simply “believe all women.” Instead, in his official statement, he called on news organizations to examine and evaluate inconsistencies…

State Court Ruling in Boulder Gun Case Could Bode Well For MSLF Federal Case

On Friday a Colorado state district court struck down a Boulder, Colorado, ban on the sale, possession, and transfer of certain commonly-owned semi-automatic pistols, rifles, and shotguns—which the city derisively labeled “assault weapons”­—and standard capacity magazines that could accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition.  The district court struck down Boulder’s ban based on Colorado…

Why Are Lifetime Gun Bans Being Imposed on Tax Cheats?

That the punishment should fit the crime is a widely held axiom. If you lie on a tax return, you might expect to face certain consequences, such as fines and the repayment of back taxes, probably with interest, and perhaps even home confinement, or (in the extreme case) prison time. But you would not expect a…

Conflicts of Interest Beckon as Biden Stacks His Team with Green Extremists

President Biden early on is touting his insistence on “ethics” from cabinet nominees and professional staff, and who can argue with that? But it will take more than a signed piece of paper to guard against the conflicts of interest and invitations to collusion that arise when professional activists from the outside suddenly find themselves on the inside, with the levers of federal power within easy reach.

Biden Isn’t Bluffing

Biden isn’t bluffing about his intent to use federal power, unilaterally or in tandem with Congress, to restrict your Second Amendment-protected rights. And don’t say we didn’t warn

How to Stop the Biden Agenda

During the Democratic primary race, some saw Joe Biden as a more moderate alternative to other Democratic candidates on the ballot, such as Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. But in the weeks since the election, Joe Biden has rapidly filled his cabinet with a collection of names and faces—some new and some who are all-too-familiar—that…

Wild and Wooly in Wyoming

Traveling nearly 100 miles off the grid to meet the First Lady of Western sheep ranching.