MSLF in Outdoor Life Magazine

MSLF attorney Cody Wisniewski was quoted this week in Outdoor Life magazine in a story highlighting the first big Second Amendment case to go before the Supreme Court since 2010:

On April 29, the Court denied New York City’s request to indefinitely postpone the case, which challenges a provision in its handgun laws that prevents licensed, vetted gun owners from taking handguns outside of their homes or the city.

The Court denied the state’s request to delay briefing until New York resolved its rule-making process, confirming briefs would begin on May 7 with amicus briefs scheduled for May 14…

”Seeing the writing on the wall, New York officials decided to propose a new regulation to delay the case,” Wisniewski continued. “Unsurprisingly, the proposed changes—and they are merely proposed changes—go directly to the heart of the lawsuit, providing exceptions to handgun owners for transporting their guns to vacation homes, shooting ranges, or shooting competitions outside city limits.”

CLICK HERE for the full story at Outdoor Life magazine.

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