New Case Alert: WildEarth Guardians v. U.S. Forest Service

Radical Environmentalists Declare War on Ranching Families

J. Paul Brown is a sheep rancher with a strong record of stewardship of the land and community involvement. Paul holds a federal grazing permit for several allotments in the San Juan National Forest. It’s there that he grazes his sheep under the towering Colorado Rockies. It’s his livelihood. It’s his life.

Unfortunately, Mr. Brown and other ranchers have fallen into the crosshairs of one of the most notorious and extreme environmentalist groups in the country. These radicals are determined to use the courts to banish sheep grazing on federal lands across the West. They have already won multiple cases in Idaho. Now they aim to destroy the lives of ranching families in Colorado as well.

Western Watersheds Project, one of the extremist groups involved in this case, is perhaps the most infamously anti-grazing organization in the United States. While most similar groups portray themselves “fighting for the environment,” WWP is open about the fact that they want to destroy public lands grazing. If you read statements made by WWP’s founder, Jon Marvel, you would be astonished at how vicious some of his remarks are.

Mr. Brown and others in the Colorado ranching community turned to Mountain States Legal Foundation for help. We are fighting for their right to earn a living and to carry on the long and honorable tradition of ranching in the American West.

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WildEarth Guardians v. U.S. Forest Service

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