New Case Alert: BLM Devastated Idaho Family’s Ranching Legacy

Every parent wants to leave a legacy for their children and Mike and Linda Lee Hanley are no exception. The Hanleys have been hard-working cattle ranchers in Idaho for decades.

They passed on their ranch to their daughter and son-in-law, Martha and John Corrigan, so the couple could carry on their ranching legacy. But when the Corrigans applied for a grazing permit, they learned the government had illegally cancelled their grazing rights.

Idaho cattle rancher Mike Hanley
with MSLF attorney Brian Gregg.

Without notice and in clear violation of the law, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) eliminated the property’s grazing preference, destroying the ranch and devastating the family’s legacy.

The BLM denied the Corrigans’ grazing permit application. Although it admitted the Corrigans were fully qualified to receive a grazing permit, BLM created the new, illegal theory that the family’s grazing preference had automatically disappeared when the Hanleys’ permit was not renewed a few years earlier.

The bureaucrats at the BLM must be held accountable. What they did to the Hanleys and Corrigans could devastate ranching families across the American West. That’s why MSLF attorneys filed an amicus brief in John and Martha Corrigan, et al v. Bernhardt on behalf of Owyhee Cattlemen’s Association and Idaho Cattle Association. Their members are all at risk if the BLM’s new theory stands.

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Ranchers Fight to Survive

Here in the American West, it is vital for families who make a living raising livestock to be able to pass on their legacy. With every drop of sweat that you pour into the land, you earn the right to pass on that land. Until the government takes it away like they did to the Corrigans.

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Tom Paterson of Spur Ranch Cattle Company is one of many southwestern ranchers now endangered by environmentalist litigation trying to end grazing on federally managed lands in Arizona and New Mexico. MSLF is determined to protect them.

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