A Sobering Moment for the Second Amendment

Second Amendment supporters were shocked this month when the Supreme Court dismissed all 10 gunowners’ rights cases that were pending, thereby denying all 10 cases a hearing.

Earlier this year, gun owners achieved a partial victory at the Supreme Court in a battle against New York City’s unconstitutional carry restrictions. MSLF submitted a brief in that case, and we celebrated when New York was forced to walk back its draconian regulations. We were anticipating a stronger and more sweeping ruling form the Supreme Court in favor of gun owner’s rights in one or more of the 10 cases that were pending, including another one, Pena v. Horan, in which we filed a brief.
The momentum was in our favor, in other words, and we felt we had a majority on the Court that would make a strong statement on the Second Amendment. We felt we were on the verge of a major victory. And then we received the stunning news that the justices declined to hear any of the 10 cases. It was like holding a winning hand in a game of poker—a royal flush—and then having someone shut the game down before you ever got to play your strong hand.
If you want to read more details about what happened, and what lies ahead for gun laws at the Supreme Court, I suggest you check out MSLF attorney Cody Wisniewski’s opinion piece in National Review, which explains in detail the role Chief Justice Roberts likely played in the dismissal of all 10 cases.

I don’t want to mince words. What happened at the Supreme Court this month was sobering to all of us who care about the Second Amendment. Our opponents who seek to restrict legal gun ownership or hope to overturn the Second Amendment will use these dismissals as a window of opportunity to push forward with their anti-gun agenda. 
That’s why we are currently raising funds to launch MSLF’s Center to Keep and Bear Arms—a dedicated litigation center unlike any in the country that will focus on protecting Americans’ right to defend their own lives. For those of us who value our right to keep and bear arms, now is the time to redouble our efforts. At MSLF, that’s exactly what we intend to do.

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The Supreme Court’s 2nd Amendment Misfire

On Monday, the Supreme Court declined to review all ten of the Second Amendment cases it had pending on its docket. Though the cases presented different fact patterns and procedural postures, the Court simply refused to weigh in on any of them. There seems to be one likely reason: Chief Justice Roberts does not want the Court to take a stance on the Second Amendment.

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