VIDEO: Inside the Last Great American Cattle Drive – Live Virtual Briefing

Our staff just returned from the Green River Drift–the oldest continuously operating cattle drive in Wyoming. The Drift has a special cultural importance, but radical environmentalist groups filed a lawsuit, falsely claiming that these grazing practices harm the environment. They want to shut it down for good.

MLSF staff share what they witnessed when they traveled to see this iconic American cattle drive in person. And they’ll tell you how MSLF supporters are defending these hard-working ranchers and are helping to defend this cultural treasure. They are joined by special guest, Haley Clark, a Wyoming rancher who rides The Drift each year.

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Center for Biological Diversity v. Bernhardt

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MSLF Notches a Win By Moving Grizzly Cases To Wyoming

Mountain State Legal Foundation celebrated a victory Monday, when a pair of consolidated grizzly bear-related cases that plaintiffs wanted heard by a federal court in distant Washington, D.C., were transferred to Wyoming’s Federal District Court for resolution.

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