The Second Amendment is under attack, now more than ever. Already, many states are depriving residents of their gun rights. Mountain States Legal Foundation is committed to doing more to hold the government accountable and preserve your rights.

We have an ambitious plan to expand our Second Amendment litigation, by launching MSLF’s Center to Keep and Bear Arms. It will be the only in-house, litigation-only Second Amendment operation in the United States. It will build on current cases like Caldara v. Boulder and past MSLF successes including Nesbitt v. Army Corp of Engineers.

MSLF’s Center to Keep and Bear Arms will focus on challenging unconstitutional gun laws on three fronts: your right to KEEP firearms, your right to BEAR them on your person, and your right to choose which ARMS you need in order to defend yourself.

The Time is Now

Why is the Center so important and why right now? The answer is simple. Your natural and constitutionally protected right to own firearms needs defending. Opponents of gun rights are on the attack:

  • Eighteen states have already passed “red flag” laws which allow the seizure of firearms without due process. 
  • Nine states have statutes limiting magazine capacity.
  • Seven states ban possession, sale or transfer, of so-called “assault weapons.” The deliberately vague and scary phrase is an excuse to ban millions of commonly used firearms.

Your gift to support the creation of the Center to Keep and Bear Arms will allow us to expand our legal challenges against unconstitutional gun laws, taking them all the way to Supreme Court. 

Only you can enable us to operate as the go-to litigators defending your right to keep and bear arms. Will you step up and become a founding contributor?

Give now and your donation will be doubled!

A generous donor from California—knowing full well what happens when the government infringes on constitutionally protected rights—recognized the importance of the Center to Keep and Bear Arms and has issued a $75,000 Challenge.  For every dollar you donate, he will match it, all the way up to $75,000.  If we reach our goal of $150,000, that will mean MSLF can officially found the Center to Keep and Bear Arms and bring precedent-setting litigation to defend individuals’ Second Amendment protected rights.  Litigation is expensive and most people simply can’t afford to fight the leviathan that is the government, which is why all of our legal services are offered pro bono—that’s right, our clients never pay a dime in legal fees.  Like you, we don’t think people should be denied their unalienable rights simply because they don’t have as deep of pockets as the government does. 

Launch the Center to Keep and Bear Arms

$83,849 of $75,000 raised

$75,000 Matching Grant for Gun Rights

Your Gift Will Be Doubled

Your donation will be used to launch MSLF’s new Center to Keep and Bear Arms. For a limited time, all donations will be doubled, up to $75,000, thanks to a donor who stepped forward with a generous matching grant.

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