Our Fellowship Program exists to equip the next generation of freedom-minded lawyers to fight for your natural and constitutionally protected rights. 

Look around you. Constitutional rights are under attack in America from radical special interest groups, activist judges, lawmakers, and in the court of public opinion. Many law schools are overwhelmingly partisan and do not faithfully teach the U.S. Constitution.  

MSLF exists to fight for those rights. One way we are doing that is to look to the future to prepare the next generation. We want to make sure principled law students who understand the original intent of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are prepared to fight for both in court someday. 

Our Fellowship Program is essential in the fight to preserve freedom because it empowers these future attorneys. 

“[The fellowship program] helped me take a step forward into fighting for liberty and private property rights by empowering me with the confidence and knowledge needed to help protect individual liberties …” 2019 Legal Fellow Austin C. Vincent 

MSLF Legal Fellows can expect 

  • Hands on experience fighting to preserve and restore Americans’ rights 
  • Mentoring and training as they work beside MSLF attorneys on significant cases 
  • Experience in MSLF litigation areas which include natural resources, Second Amendment law, equal protection, and property rights 
  • Opportunities to attend court appearances and arguments in the nearby Tenth Circuit Court as well as networking and professional development events with our attorneys. 

We collaborate with law schools across the nation to provide this formative opportunity for future lawyers.  

Interested in becoming an MSLF Legal Fellow? Candidates should email a resume, cover letter, transcript (official or unofficial), and writing sample to Fellowship Coordinator Cody Wisniewski at cody@mslegal.org. We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. 

Interested in making sure a new generation of attorneys learn how to fight for America’s liberty? Consider making a donation today. 

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Since 1977, MSLF has fought to protect private property rights, individual liberties, and economic freedom. MSLF is a nonprofit public interest legal foundation. We represent clients pro bono and receive no government funding. Make your 100% tax deductible contribution today and join the fight.

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Meet our Legal Fellows

Zach Crow, Spring 2020
Reginald Perryman, Spring 2020
Austin C. Vincent, Summer 2019