Freedom of Enterprise

Family Fights on After 30 Years in Bureaucratic Purgatory

We know the wheels of government bureaucracy, like the wheels of justice, turn slowly. But how long should an American have to wait – 5 years? 20 years? 30 years? – for the federal government to definitively rule on a routine mining patent request that could make or break the success of a family-owned business?

MSLF Won’t Quietly Walk Away From Pivotal Gun Rights Case

A “win” for plaintiffs in this case would allow the state of California and private anti-gun groups to impose a national definition of what constitutes a “firearm” on every city and state in the U.S.

Check-The-Box “Diversity” is At Odds with a Merit-Based Society

When did merit cease to serve as the primary basis for political or professional advancement in this supposedly colorblind, “gender-neutral,” equality-oriented society?  I of course recognize “diversity” (however one defines it) as a worthy goal, broadly speaking. But it amazes and troubles me to see “diversity” totally eclipsing all other considerations in so many aspects of contemporary life.   We saw this most recently in the confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.…

The Litigator

A Brush with Death

Green extremists worked to destroy my family’s ranch. And a potentially deadly act of mechanical sabotage remains unexplained.

First They Ignore You . . .

The Ray family received some welcome news last week: their application got denied. Now, I know what you’re thinking; getting a rejection letter is rarely cause for celebration. But for the Rays, this isn’t a setback so much as an opportunity — an opportunity that has, until now, been denied to them.  When the Rays…