Photo Book Pays Tribute to Besieged Wyoming Ranchers

We put this cool little photo book together following a recent “field trip” to Wyoming, to honor the tough, tenacious, hard-working ranch families who still lead the nation’s last great cattle drive, the Green River drift, despite ongoing efforts of organized green extremists to run them off their cattle allotments.

Donate $100 now to our efforts to preserve this cattle drive and defend these ranchers and we’ll send you “The Last Cattle Drive” as a token of our appreciation. We can’t bring all our supporters along on the cattle drive, sadly, but we can bring a little of the cattle drive to our supporters, by way of this book. You can make that donation using the form at the bottom of this page.

Please help us save the upper Green River drift cattle drive. Please help support our efforts to save the endangered American cowboy.

Learn more about the ranchers of the Green River Drift by reading the latest cover story in The Litigator.



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Wyoming Ranchers and Farmers Now Endangered, Not the Grizzlies

Keeping a family farm, sheep or cattle ranch profitable is a difficult enough without special interest groups making it harder. The grizzly bear was once an endangered species, but in 2017 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service found the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s grizzly population exceeded scientists’ minimum goals for the powerful predator. It had fully recovered. The agency tried to remove the animal from the endangered list, but was sued in Crow Indian Tribe v. United States of America. More recently, environmental groups also got involved trying to prevent delisting of the grizzly.

Listen: MSLF talks grizzly bears with Wake Up Wyoming

Environmentalists’ efforts to keep grizzly bears protected by the Endangered Species Act puts Wyoming ranchers in harm’s way. MSLF attorney Cody Wisniewski discussed the problem and the case with Glenn Woods on Wake Up Wyoming.

Standing Up for Southwestern Ranchers

Tom Paterson of Spur Ranch Cattle Company is one of many southwestern ranchers now endangered by environmentalist litigation trying to end grazing on federally managed lands in Arizona and New Mexico. MSLF is determined to protect them.

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