Conservation or Confiscation? Get your tickets for our February Event in Vegas

Did you know the federal government owns nearly 80 percent of the land in Nevada? Next to Nevada, Utah ranks second with government owning 63 percent of its land, according to Congressional Research Center Data. This has real consequences for Americans living in the West.

Join us in Las Vegas Feb. 6, to hear more about the thorny issue of federal land management in states like Nevada where we’ll be hosting the panel discussion: Conservation or Confiscation? 

The expert panel will be followed by a reception with MSLF Board of Directors and staff, and a dinner featuring speaker and author Tara Ross. Ross is a nationally-recognized expert on the electoral college and will share why it is such a crucial part of the American system of government.  

Tickets are on sale now with options to attend just the panel and reception (two drinks including), or the entire event.  Learn more here.

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