Video: A 37 Year Fight to Use Leased Lands

Imagine buying a lease from the government, spending years following the rules and preparing to access those leased minerals, only to have it cancelled and have to sue for your rights?

Sidney Longwell of Baton Rouge doesn’t have to imagine. He’s living it.

But with Mountain States Legal Foundation’s help he’s fighting in court. Most recently, MSLF attorney David McDonald defended prior victories for Mr. Longwell in the D.C. District Court of Appeals on Jan. 21.

In our new video, his daughter Kelly and business partner Sonny tell the story of the government’s unreasonable delays and Mr. Longwell’s quest to force the government to “do the right thing” for him and all Americans.

Kelly Longwell and Sonny Cranch in Washington, D.C.

Learn more about the case: Solenex, LLC v. Bernhardt here

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Solenex, LLC v. Bernhardt

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MSLF Client Dies, Still Waiting for Justice

Sidney Longwell, an entrepreneur in the finest tradition of the American Frontier, passed away after 38 years of waiting for justice in his lawsuit against the federal government.

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