Training Constitutional Warriors: MSLF Fellowships Empower My Generation to Defend Liberty

Austin C. Vincent

Growing up as a seventh-generation cowboy on the family cattle ranch in Northeastern New Mexico, I had a love for the land and appreciation for private property rights long before I realized it. As I grew up, I realized that these rights and the agricultural lifestyle are constantly under attack. 

I vividly remember, as a 12-year old boy, how confused I was when my father and I first discussed the fact that the federal government has the ultimate say over how we may use the water that flows through the Corrumpa Creek traversing our ranch. As I grew older, confusion turned to understanding, as well as an aspiration to fight for the traditional American way of life, and against further government overreach.

Austin C. Vincent

Seeing news stories of the government revoking grazing leases, farmers being slammed with millions of dollars in fines for violating arbitrary regulations, and oil and gas companies struggling to operate under red-tape regulations that plague their industry, has affirmed my convictions to fight against a growing “big brother” government.

I carried this passion with me to Texas Tech University, where I earned two undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Business Administration in Energy Commerce and Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness. 

While in school I was a student athlete on Texas Tech’s Rodeo team while also being involved in the Rawls College Business School and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

After graduation, I decided to stay at Texas Tech for law school, where I will graduate in May 2020.

The opportunity to work as a fellow at Mountain States Legal Foundation taught me that it is imperative we hold our government accountable and keep it in check.

It also helped me take a step forward into fighting for liberty and private property rights by empowering me with the confidence and knowledge needed to help protect individual liberties and play a part in limiting the government.

Most importantly, the knowledge and skills I acquired over a summer at MSLF are integral components to reaching my goal of one day being an effective legal advocate for ranchers and farmers, as well as oil and gas entrepreneurs. 

Thanks to this great opportunity with Mountain States Legal Foundation, I am empowered to keep fighting for traditional, constitutional values and individual liberties.

Austin C. Vincent is a third year law student at Texas Tech University. He was a 2019 MSLF Legal Fellow.

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