MSLF Forum: Author Tara Ross Explains Why We Need the Electoral College

Mountain States Legal Foundation hosted author Tara Ross, one of the nation’s leading experts on the Electoral College, as a guest speaker during our recent public forum in Las Vegas. Tara shared highlights from her book, “Why We Need the Electoral College.”

Tara shared that the Electoral College is important because it rewards the candidate who does the best job of coalition building. The system doesn’t allow you to ignore the issues that are important to voters in rural states. The Founders wanted a system of geographical checks and balances.

The Electoral College is also a safeguard against the threat of voter fraud because it limits the effects of corruption. If someone cheats in Illinois, for example, he can only change the electoral votes in one state. If we had a national popular vote, it would open up a free-for-all where fraud anywhere could directly affect the national total. It would be an election security nightmare.

The Electoral College was an crucial part of the Founders’ design. If progressive states succeed in their plan to create an unconstitutional popular vote “compact,” it’s a guarantee that there will be fierce litigation to overturn their scheme. It’s important to get ahead of the threat and educate the public. Thanks to your support, MSLF is out there proactively informing Americans about why the Electoral College is so vital to our constitutional system.

Author Tara Ross, a nationally recognized expert on the electoral college, explains why it is a crucial part of the American system of government. Her speech was hosted by Mountain States Legal Foundation in Las Vegas, NV, February 6, 2020.
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