Biden Isn’t Bluffing

Biden isn’t bluffing about his intent to use federal power, unilaterally or in tandem with Congress, to restrict your Second Amendment-protected rights.

And don’t say we didn’t warn you.

In fact, we waved red flags about this many months ago, when MSLF Attorney Cody J. Wisniewski, who heads up our new Center to Keep and Bear Arms, published this prescient piece on Legal Insurrection, pointing to planks in the Democrat Party platform indicating that they were moving from gun control to gun confiscation as a party priority. Exactly what that will look like remains to be seen. Thus far the Bidenites have seen occupied elsewhere, destroying domestic energy jobs and rejoining arguably illegitimate climate treaties. But warning signs are everywhere that action should be coming soon.

Cody’s piece is worth a read if you missed it the first time. Share it with friends who may not yet see just how high the stakes could get. And be sure to visit our Second Amendment landing page to keep up with what CKBA is doing now, and will be doing, to help defend your gun rights at a time when they’re facing an unprecedented threat.

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