Press Releases

Never Say Die: MSLF Refuses to Accept Injustice in a Case Dating Back Decades

Denver, Colorado — December 3, 2020 — No one ever accused Mountain States Legal Foundation of lacking persistence in pursuit of justice. Hand the group a compelling case on behalf of a worthy client – even a case that dates to the 1980s — and it’s like a hungry dog going after a bone.     MSLF…

New MSLF Center to Keep and Bear Arms Fights for Gun Rights from Coast to Coast

Mountain States Legal Foundation’s newly established Center to Keep and Bear Arms (CKBA) won’t be confining itself to precedent-setting cases in the Rocky Mountain region—its first two case announcements prove just that. The Center to Keep and Bear Arms’ fight to defend gun rights is national in scope, reaching from coast to coast, and from sea to shining sea.

“Brigida Case” Breakthrough Could Prove Embarrassing and Costly for the FAA

Mountain States Legal Foundation this week filed an amended class action complaint in the case of Brigida v. U.S Department of Transportation, following a federal judge’s order allowing plaintiffs to move forward with pre-class certification discovery. It’s a breakthrough in the case MSLF has been fighting to achieve over the past two years.

MSLF Responds to Grizzly Bear Ruling

Mountain States Legal Foundation Attorney Cody Wisniewski today offered these comments in response to a grizzly bear-related ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. “It is heartening to see the Ninth Circuit recognize the accomplishments of the grizzly bear recovery effort – specifically noting the successful recovery of the Yellowstone area species,” said Wisniewski…

Sheep Ranchers Face Extinction At the Hands of Big Green

Denver, Co — July 1, 2020 — Shepherds have herded their flocks on the slopes of southern Colorado’s San Juan Mountains since before they became part of the national forest system. Domestic sheep and their wild cousins, the bighorn, safely and amicably shared these vast spaces for a century or more.  Now, however, professional green…